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  • TNSA charge a lot for advice

    We also noticed that this season the opinion of TNSA was experienced as very positive. Due to a wide variety of asparagusvarieties will the grower...

  • Ook de Nederlandse tuinbouwsector gelooft en ondersteunt onze visie.

    De sector investeert in dit project via het Productschap Tuinbouw

  • Who is Michel Neefs?

    Michel Neefs has worked over 10 years in R&D developing new varieties with Piet Boonen,  Teboza Research and Nunhems (a subsidiary of Bayer...


The highest number of top quality spears

Fortems is a 100% male hybrid and is most suitable for the cultivation of white asparagus in the moderate, North European climate. It is a mid-early crop and your best choice for forced cultivation.

Already in the first harvest year Fortems produces the highest number of top quality asparagus, with perfectly closed tips and the highest percentage class 1.
  • 100% male hybrid
  • very uniform spears
  • perfectly closed tips
  • the highest percentage of spears between 18-28 mm
  • perfect performance at higher temperatures
  • your best choice for early cultivation
Planting density:5-7 plants/meter
Planting depth:17-22 cms.
Spear diameter:mainly 18-28 mm
Fortems F1